Wheel of Misinformation: The Truth About Vaccines

The following videos are a collection of patient oriented videos meant to dispel the myths around immunizations. These short videos are ideal for use in your waiting or exam room. 

To download a video:

  • Left-click on the video to open it. 
  • Once the video begins, right-click on the screen and choose "save video as" to download a program to your computer.

To receive the videos on a flash drive or DVD, please email htt@njafp.org.


1. Myth: I'm Healthy, I Don't Need Vaccines

This video discusses the many things that contribute to good health and explains that immunizations are a part of living a healthy life. The facts about measles and chickenpox are presented.


2. Myth: Vaccines Have Toxins That Will Make Me Sick

This video explains the facts about thimerosal, aluminum, and formaldehyde in vaccines.




3. Myth: I'm Not A Kid Anymore, I Don't Need Vaccines

This video discusses the importance of adults receiving and maintaining recommended vaccines as they grow older.  


4. Myth: If I Get A Flu Shot, I'll Get The Flu

This video explains that getting a flu shot will not give you the flu and presents the facts about this important vaccine.


5. Myth: Vaccines Cause Autism

This video debunks the widespread myth that vaccines cause Autism and presents the facts about the controversy over the use of the preservative known as Thimerosal.