Translation to Practice® (t2p™)

Translation to Practice® is an activity supplement that allows learners the opportunity to translate learned concepts from a CME activity into their practice, and report back to the NJAFP the results of their implementation. Learners who choose to participate will be eligible to earn two additional Prescribed credits per CME activity upon full completion of the t2p™ process.

There are three steps associated with participation in t2p™:

  1. Commitment to Change: After participating in any live, enduring, or medical journal activity approved for AAFP Prescribed credit, a learner may choose to participate in t2p™. If the learner chooses to do so, they must complete a commitment to change statement indicating what change they would like to implement.
  2. Implement Change: The learner implements the learned change into practice.
  3. Post-Activity Evaluation: the learner evaluates whether the implemented change resulted in improved patient care, and assesses any barriers or challenges that were encountered.   
  4. The learner submits the completed post activity evaluation back to NJAFP