In late 2016, NJAPF coach Joshua Marx, who works in partnership with the Garden Practice Transformation Network (GPTN), met with Dr. Joseph Licata from JL Surgical, LLC of Ramsey, New Jersey to discuss how GPTN could help the practice better measure the progress of his patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure to meet milestones that are part of the Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative. 

Prior to working with Garden PTN, Dr. Licata’s baseline data for patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure was:image
 - Q3 62/109
 - Q4 52/113
 - Performance of high risk patient identification: 51%
Joshua worked with Dr. Licata and his team to improve data transparency and clarity by providing run charts and dash boards that made it easier to track patient progress and show the doctor how well he was performing compared to national benchmarks. He also worked with the practice to provide guidance on how to run risk stratification reports to better identify this high risk patient population.  
As a result of their partnership, Dr. Licata ‘s 2017 data for identifying patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure improved:
 - Q1: 110/123
 - Q2: 111/123
 - Performance of high risk patient identification: 91%:  A 40% improvement!

Reprinted from GPTN E-Newsletter. Original Article: