Use the Registry to Generate Reminders for Individual Patients

A registry can be used to generate lists of patients who are missing a service or have a service that is overdue. Database queries might include the following:

  • Patients that are of average risk and patients at increased risk or high risk for colorectal cancer
  • Outstanding screening/test results
  • Patients in need of follow-up for services
  • Use the lists to send reminders by mail or make follow-up phone calls. To protect confidentiality, do NOT use postcards.


Key Points for Using the Registry to Generate Reminders

  • Determine how to identify patients at risk or that are eligible for CRC screening prior to a visit
  • If computerized, your registry needs to be able to identify patients for CRC screening
  • Flag paper-based charts to help identify patients who are eligible for CRC screening
  • Decide how the practice should handle patients with missing services