Call For Resolutions - 2019 House of Delegates


The deadline for resolutions has been extended through May 15.  Emergency Resolutions (submitted after May 15) will be considered received at the House of Delegates and presented to the Delegates at the discretion of the Speaker

When one person cares enough to make their voice heard, the world can change.  Are you ready to be part of the change? If so, take the first step and write a resolution for the 2019 House of Delegates.

Resolutions are a request to establish Academy policy, request implementation of Academy programs, address issues of interest or concern to family physicians and the specialty of family medicine, or request the elimination of Academy activities considered non-essential. In addition, there are special resolutions of commendation or in the memory of deceased former officers or delegates.

Writing your resolution:

  1. Formulate your idea or subject for the resolution
  2. Organize your thoughts on the subject
  3. Begin writing the resolution using “whereas” clauses developed in clear, concise language and subject to only one interpretation. If whereas clauses are not stated clearly, factually and limited to relevant information, they may produce unnecessary debate, and thus, detract from the effectiveness of the resolution. Although it is possible to have more than one “Whereas” and “Resolved” clause, keep focused on the end result. Many times a resolution can be broken into two or three separate resolutions

Writing Tip     Develop the resolved portion first and then formulate the “whereas” clauses.  This makes it easier to limit whereas clauses to relevant and necessary information, leading to your resolution.

Preparing “Whereas” Clauses:

“Whereas” clauses simply explain the problem or situation: In preparing “whereas” clauses, give special attention to the following:

  1. Limiting the number of whereas clauses to the minimum number required to provide reasonable support for the resolved clause(s)
  2. Carefully checking the facts and verifying the data used
  3. Limiting the use of adjectives or qualifying adverbs that are considered editorial opinion  (avoid the soapbox)

Preparing “Resolved” Clauses:

The “Resolved” clauses explain what action should be taken It is the “resolved” clauses that are subject to adoption. Whatever policy or action is called for must be in the resolved portion. Here are a few tips to remember when writing the resolved clause(s):

  • Write the resolved portion of the resolution first
  • Remember, the resolved portion must be written to stand alone
  • Action called for must be action the Academy has some control over
  • Call for only one action in a resolved clause. If you are proposing two or three related actions, write a resolved clause for each.
  • If funding will be needed to implement the resolution, a fiscal note is necessary
The House of Delegates convenes Friday, June 14 at 9:00AM at Caesars Atlantic City. 

Resolutions may be sent by regular mail, fax or email:

New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians
Attn: Speaker of the House
224 West State Street
Trenton, NJ  08608

Fax:  609-394-7712

Email: (Please put HOD resolution in the subject line)